5th ‘Barbórka’ of Journalists with Collegium Humanum

On February 16, in Zabrze – the heart of Silesia – in the historic Guido Mine, some 320 metres below the ground level, a ceremonial event took place to commemorate the 5th edition of the Journalists Gala, with the participation of over 130 media representatives from Poland. The event was organized in partnership with Collegium Humanum-Warsaw Management University headquartered in Warsaw. During the Gala, Mr Bartosz Straszak, Vice-Provost of CH-WMU handed to Mr Krystian Krawczyk, the Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Trybuna Górnicza’ newspaper, one of two awards for this year, namely the Scholarship of the Provost of Collegium Humanum-Warsaw Management University for postgraduate studies: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).