Agreement on cooperation with the Social Schools Complex No 2 in Rzeszów

On 16 March 2022, Collegium Humanum – Rzeszów Branch signed a cooperation agreement with the Complex of Social Schools No 2 in Rzeszów. On behalf of the University, the agreement was signed by prof. dr. Małgorzata Dubis, Vice Provost of the University, whereas on behalf of the Complex of Social Schools, the agreement was signed by Mrs Grażyna Szarama, the Director of the School.


The Social Schools Complex includes the following institutions: the Social Primary School No. 2 of St. Francis of Assisi and the Social High School of St. Francis of Assisi.


The scope of cooperation between both educational institutions is really broad. It includes cooperation in the field of accepting students for internships at the School as well as activities aiming at integrating school and extracurricular didactic activities of pupils, while taking into account their passions and interests.


The agreement is beneficial for both parties. Thanks to the cooperation, the School may now host academic lecturers who will supplement and present knowledge of school pupils from a different perspective, while introducing the standards of lectures and exercises that are characteristic of a university. On the other hand, the University can expect an increased interest in its educational offer of study programmes among high school graduates.

Porozumienie o współpracy z Zespołem Szkół Społecznych nr 2 w Rzeszowie