Agreement with “The Love for Life” Foundation

Vice Provost of Collegium Humanum – Branch in Rzeszów, prof. dr. Małgorzata Dubis, MBA, signed an agreement with “The Love for Life” Foundation represented by Mrs Anna Lipska, MA.


The subject of the agreement was to define the principles of cooperation between Collegium Humanum – Branch in Rzeszów and the Foundation with its seat also in Rzeszów. The Foundation helps families and people who find themselves in a difficult life situation, young people with problems as well as sick and disabled children.


The aim of the cooperation is to define the possibilities of organising internships for students and graduates of the University. The agreement also provides for encouraging the involvement of students in providing help to those in need.


Currently, the Foundation implements projects related to the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental disorders as well as psychoeducation in the field of drug addiction for children and adolescents. Thanks to the cooperation, our students will be able to undertake internships that will allow them to use their current knowledge and acquire skills and competences necessary to perform the profession of a psychologist and educator.