Be More Humanum. St. Nichola’s Day competition for Collegium Humanum students

For most people, Christmas holiday season is a unique time of joy, cordiality and family warmth. However, in December some of us feel loneliness and exclusion. That’s why we want to speak out about how important it is to support those who are lonely so that to be close to those most in need. We believe that building awareness is the way to acceptance and understanding. For this reason, therefore, we are hereby announcing a competition “Be More Humanum”, so that we can promote and reward those students who can really prove that they are More Humanum. How to participate?


Take a photo of you making a kind gesture towards another person and then post it on your Instagram and Facebook profile, while tagging Collegium Humanum (Instagram: @collegium_humanum, Facebook: @Collegium Humanum) and adding the hashtag #bemorehumanum. The description of the photo will also be assessed by our special competition panel.


Then, send a screenshot of your post (both Instagram and Facebook) to the following email address:


We have prepared attractive prizes for winners:

1st place – iPhone 13 and publication of the photo in the University magazine “Discipulus”,

2nd place – iPad 10.2, 9th generation,

3rd place – 3rd generation AirPods.


The competition runs from 06 December 2022 until the end of 17 December 2022.


Winners selected by the panel will be announced at our Christmas Eve meeting that will take place in Warsaw on 20 December 2022 at 19.30.