Career Office

The first career offices were established at the beginning of the 20th century at universities in Great Britain. Their main goal was career counselling for students and graduates of higher education. With time, the idea of ​​career offices migrated to Canada, Australia and other countries of the former British Empire. In 1993, the first such office was established in Poland and four years later seven more were opened. In 1998, these offices signed an agreement on the establishment of the Nationwide Career Services Network, while simultaneously declaring mutual assistance.


In 2004, the status of career offices was described in the Act on the Promotion of Employment and Labour Market Institutions. Since then, these offices have officially become units responsible for the professional activation of students and graduates of higher education. The main goal of these offices has not changed, and it still involves career counselling and professional assistance when it comes to finding employment. Additional tasks include gathering information about the labour market, promoting activities for the continuous professional development or assisting in preparing students for the recruitment process.

The Career Office at Collegium Humanum also conducts workshops and trainings, which are meant to help, for example, with preparing professionally for an interview, writing a CV or negotiating wages. On the Office’s website, students will also find various offers of internships and placements, holiday jobs abroad, freelance jobs postings or volunteering opportunities. The Career Office cooperates closely with job centres. This cooperation consists of transferring offers, establishing initiatives aimed at reducing unemployment among students and graduates or organising joint trainings.


Collegium Humanum Career Office continues to support its students in taking up employment and is responsible for the organisation and supervision of student vocational practices. The Office organises individual and group meetings, various forms of training and courses, and we also cooperate with numerous business partners as well as employment agencies in Poland and abroad.