Collegiada 2022 – an integrative training of the Student Union members in Wisła

Between 3-6 October, a training and integration trip of members of the Student Union Council was organised in Wisła. The event was an opportunity to exchange experiences, gain knowledge and establish relationships among members of the Student Union from Warsaw as well as University Branches in Rzeszów, Poznań and Wrocław.


The programme of the event included various discussion panels and workshops on such topics as communication, task management, leadership and business planning. The workshops were also intended to cover aspects of student rights and obligations as well as issues related to the scholarship system and ECTS scoring.


The training was attended by prof. Robert Jeżewski, Vice Provost of the University Branch in Wrocław and dr Filip Szymczak, Director of the Institute of Management at the University Branch in Poznań.


The commitment of members of the Student Union Council during this year’s Collegiada is the best proof that students want to be as professional as possible in fulfilling their duties.