Collegium Humanum at the podium of the Educational Plebiscite 2022

We are pleased to announce that our University has been once again honoured in the Nationwide Educational Plebiscite organised by the Polska Press Group. The gala was held on 4 March at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.


The event was the culmination of a nationwide plebiscite among thousands of readers of the Polska Press Group’s regional dailies. The ceremony at the Royal Castle was attended by the finalists, i.e. winners in different categories representing each voivodeship.


The gala was attended by the Minister of Education and Science, Mr Przemysław Czarnek, who presented ministerial awards.


Collegium Humanum was represented by dr Magdalena Żołud, professor of Collegium Humanum and Vice Provost of the Branch in Wrocław, and Mr Pawel Dulski, LL.M., Vice Provost for Development.


We have received as many as 4 “Polish University of the Year 2022” statuettes for our achievements in education in the following voivodeships: Zachodniopomorskie, Podkarpackie, Wielkopolskie and Lubelskie.


Thank you very much for every vote cast for our University!