Collegium Humanum in a prestigious 2020 SEM FORUM MBA Programme Rating

We are pleased to announce that the Executive Master of Business Administration study programme run by Collegium Humanum received a very high grade – Professional Class in the prestigious 2020 MBA Programme Rating of the FORUM Managerial Education Association.

The MBA ranking prepared by the FORUM Managerial Education Association is the longest-running MBA programme evaluation system in Poland. It is recognized as an objective, reliable and constructive evaluation of the MBA programmes. The rating criteria taken into account when producing a report regarding the MBA courses include their practical value for managers, academic standards of studies, the form of didactic classes, methods of assessing learning outcomes and general cognitive as well as developmental values.


The FORUM Management Education Association is an organization established in 1993 in Warsaw, accrediting leading Polish business schools. It works for the improvement of the quality of training of managerial staff in Poland, developing cooperation between Polish business schools and strengthening the position of the Polish education in the wider international environment.


The Forum is responsible for the accreditation process of first- and second-degree programmes in the field of economics, management and IT. It also runs accreditation of Master of Business Administration programmes as well as institutional accreditations.

Klasa Profesjonalna w rankingu studiów MBA 2020 w Polsce