Collegium Humanum is the ACADEMIC PARTNER of the III Congress “Vision of Health – diagnosis and future. Medical foresight”

During the conference “Vision of Health – diagnosis and future. Medical foresight”, we will attempt to answer the question whether, in the face of a very rapid development of technology, medicine and innovative therapies, the Polish healthcare system is actually able to secure and cater for possible endeavours for the benefit of patients. We would like to invite you to a multi-threaded, substantive discussion on some key issues in healthcare.


On the 9th of October this year, for the third time, a unique conference will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw:

“Vision of Health – diagnosis and future. Medical foresight”.


We will be discussing certain issues within a representative group of eminent figures from the field of medicine as well as representatives of state and local administration, parliamentarians, managers of healthcare providers, experts and doctors of many specializations interested in sectoral changes in the Polish healthcare. As part of interactive discussion panels – advisory boards – we will talk about competitive and future visions of the healthcare system, a topic extremely important in the face of the forthcoming changes of the parliamentary term.


We will consider what the future of individual therapeutic areas should look like for the system. What is the process of computerization of the Polish healthcare system? What benefits does the development of telemedicine bring? What role does artificial intelligence play in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical industry? We will discuss extremely important issues such as innovation, biotechnology, financing as well as investment in R&D.


We will also consider private (subscription-based) healthcare system and what role it will play in the future. There will also be discussions about talent shortages in the medical industry as well as global trends and innovations in the education of healthcare professionals.


The conference “Vision of Health – diagnosis and future. Medical foresight” will offer a dozen of discussion panels, case studies, reports, and above all forecasts for the future.


On behalf of the Scientific Council of the conference, editorial staff at Menedżer Zdrowia and Termedia publishing house, we would like to invite you to join in and substantively participate in the organization of the conference.