Collegium Humanum Professor – Dr. Henryk Pietrzak becomes an advisor to the Minister of Education and Science

Doctor Henryk Pietrzak, Professor at Collegium Humanum – Branch in Rzeszów, was appointed to the Team of Social Advisors of the Minister of Education and Science.

The appointment, which took place on 8 June 2021, was made by the Minister of Education and Science, prof. dr hab. Przemysław Czarnek.


In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science of 8 April 2021 on the establishment of a Team of Social Advisors at the Ministry of Education and Science, the tasks of the Team are:



– analyzing issues and problems related to the educational and scientific policy and presenting conclusions in this regard to the Minister,

– presenting proposals for systemic solutions in the areas of government administration departments – education and upbringing as well as higher education and science,

– participation in consultations and meetings with an advisory voice,

– carrying out other tasks ordered by the Minister.



Professor Pietrzak holds positions within the governing bodies of Collegium Humanum – Branch in Rzeszów and is the Provost’s Plenipotentiary for External Stakeholders.