Collegium Humanum’s Volunteering Society stages a truly charitable action to “Give our smiles to kids”

One has to state that any child’s stay in hospital might be a difficult moment in life of the whole family. Especially in the time of the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many medical facilities to put in place a special sanitary regime and isolate those in care from their loved ones. Thinking about our smallest patients, the Volunteering Society at Collegium Humanum operating in our Rzeszów branch prepared and executed a large collection of Christmas gifts for kids. The presents were handed over on 9 December this year.

Under the slogan of “GIVE A KID YOUR SMILE”, numerous packages filled with toys, books, stickers, cheerful socks and other small items were created and they were handed to kids staying in the Department of Children’s Oncohematology at the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 of St. Jadwiga The Queen in Rzeszów.


We believe that the time spent in the company of Santa Claus and Collegium Humanum volunteers allowed these children to forget about their everyday struggles with the disease. Our thanks go to all those engaged and we wish our Volunteering Society good luck in the implementation of further charity projects as well as well-deserved satisfaction in doing good!