Cooperation agreement between the Rzeszów Branch of Collegium Humanum and UKS Feniks Dębica swimming club

Our Rzeszów Branch of Collegium Humanum represented by Vice Provost, Izabela Kulaga, MBA, signed a partnership agreement with the swimming club – UKS Feniks Dębica represented by its President, Bartłomiej Kołodziej.

The club has among its members many representatives of Poland, Polish Champions, multimedalist players of the Polish Championships and medalists of European events. The activities of the club are strongly supported by the MBA graduate of Collegium Humanum – Otylia Jędrzejczak, an Olympic Champion in swimming as well as Norik Koczarian – Mental Trainer of the UKS Feniks Dębica players, who were both present at the meeting.

The intention of the concluded agreement is to establish cooperation between the parties, including in the field of multidimensional promotion of science and sports. Collegium Humanum, as a scientific partner, will create specific conditions of learning for the future student-players at UKS Feniks, so that they can pursue their sports career with full commitment.

During the meeting, cooperation plans as well as the development strategy of the concerned project were discussed. Both parties also declared their interest in organizing workshops, conferences, sports and recreational events, thanks to which young people will be able to gain experience and practical skills.

The planned initiatives on a partnership basis will allow both sides to reach another level. A deeper and more effective relationship based on trust and sharing the same values is the key to mutual success, and the exchange of experiences will be conducive to the incubation of new initiatives. This is another step in the University’s activities contributing to the development, promotion and dissemination of sports as well as social and health attitudes in the society. Sport is one of the areas of social life that the University intends to focus on with special diligence.