Cooperation of Collegium Humanum with the Social Insurance Institution

On 6 July this year, Collegium Humanum signed an agreement on partnership cooperation with the Social Insurance Institution (pol. ZUS). The agreement covers cooperation in the field of teaching activities and implementing joint projects concerning social insurance. The agreement was officially signed at the headquarters of ZUS by prof. dr. hab. Gertruda Uścińska, President of the Social Insurance Institution, and HM prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki, Provost of Collegium Humanum.

Thanks to this undertaking, our University has thus joined a prestigious group of universities cooperating with ZUS. These include, among others, University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, University of Adam Mickiewicz and Gdańsk University of Technology.

The agreement concluded between Collegium Humanum and ZUS will provide our students of law, management, finance and accounting, psychology and administration with access to student internships in an institution that has an established position in the insurance area and a very complex structure as well as a truly nationwide coverage.

“The agreement with Collegium Humanum is a partnership agreement. It includes co-organisation and participation in scientific conferences, providing opportunities of student internships at ZUS, organising lectures, consultations and trainings delivered by our experts to students, lecturers and Collegium Humanum employees. The agreement also covers points that will be taken into account in the university recruitment process and which can be gained by winning a contest named “It is worth knowing more about social insurance,” commented prof. dr. hab. Gertruda Uścińska, President of the Social Insurance Institution.

“Popularisation of knowledge in the field of social insurance is a statutory task of ZUS. One of the most important activities in this direction is cooperation with universities. We have been present in universities for many years, but thanks to my efforts this cooperation has become systemic,” added the President of ZUS.

“Thanks to this agreement, our students will gain valuable experience. Most of them want to become involved in private businesses in the future; yet getting to know the perspective of the largest and oldest insurance institution in our country will certainly help them prepare for a conscious and mature entry into the labour market. We are very much looking forward to this cooperation,” said prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki, Provost of Collegium Humanum.

The mission of Collegium Humanum is to create space for our students in which they can expand their competences and understand as well as implement the rules prevailing on the labour market, including by completing student internships. Cooperation with the Social Insurance Institution is a prestigious and practical opportunity to expand our students’ competences with practical experience related to the functioning of managerial and specialist positions. We hope that such an important partnership will enable our students to use their knowledge when choosing the right path of professional development.