Cooperation with the Beneficjum Foundation

The Foundation, based in Warsaw, gathers people who want to share good with those in need. Thanks to people of good will, donors and volunteers, the Foundation works for the sick, the poor and the excluded but also for the environment – our common home, animals and in many other areas.


Collegium Humanum actively participates in projects for the benefit of people in need. One of the elements of these activities is the cooperation agreement signed with the Beneficjum Foundation in Warsaw.


As part of the agreement, our University and the Foundation undertake to provide support in the following areas:
  • activating students in charity and voluntary activities and supporting the beneficiaries of the Foundation,
  • the Senior in Need project,
  • social campaigns for the benefit of the excluded,
  • student internships (stationary and remote),
  • other projects,
  • fairs.


Our cooperation covers many other activities for the professional and social reintegration of people who are at risk of social exclusion, while supporting the development of local communities and societies. The agreement on the part of Collegium Humanum Branch in Rzeszów was signed by our Vice Provost, Ms Izabela Kulaga, MBA. The Foundation was represented by Ms Daria Michalik, its Development Director.