Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at CH-SGM

On 15-16 December 2018, at Collegium Humanum-Warsaw Management University, a solemn ceremony inaugurating the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) postgraduate studies in the academic year 2018/2019 took place. During the event, a lecture was delivered by Waldemar Buda, Member of the Polish Parliament, and Wojciech Dąbrówka, the Spokesperson of the National Electoral Commission. The students of the DBA postgraduate studies were welcomed by HM Provost of the CH-SGM, prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki, MBA, and attorney Jolanta Turczynowicz-Kieryllo, President of the CH-SGM Convent.


The postgraduate studies of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the most prestigious and elite study programme in the field of Executive Business Education. It is a combination of traditional MBA and doctoral studies organized and delivered by Collegium Humanum-Warsaw Management University and Apsley Business School in London in cooperation with Newton College: University of Applied Business in Prague, Limburg Graduate School of Business in Maastricht and the Swiss School of Management in Rome.
The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) study programme confirms the highest managerial qualifications and is addressed to experienced high-level managers and business people. The various modules that make up the Doctor of Business Administration programme are based on the specific needs stemming from managerial practice and are implemented by outstanding specialists (practitioners) from Poland and abroad as a case study system in various fields, including financial management, marketing, human resources management, media and PR as well as coaching.