Erasmus+ ECHE card for Collegium Humanum

Karta ECHE Programu Erasmus+ dla Collegium Humanum

We would like to indicate that the European Commission has awarded Collegium Humanum the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education Card – ECHE. We are extremely pleased with this success, which means that we can apply for Erasmus+ funds in the years 2021-2027.


What is the ECHE Card?

The card is a prerequisite for the participation in the Erasmus+ programme and it defines the general quality framework for the activities of higher education institutions under the Erasmus+ programme in the financial perspective of 2021-2027 in the field of:


1) Learning mobility – Action 1

2) Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices (cooperation projects) – Action 2

3) Support for policy development and cooperation – Action 3


University commitments

As part of the programme, the University undertakes, inter alia, to:


  • ensure and respect full and equal access for all programme participants,
  • have a procedure for awarding ECTS points,
  • implement and promote green practices under the Erasmus+ programme,
  • pass all positively assessed subjects attended by students during their stay abroad,
  • automatically and mutually recognise study periods abroad, without the students having to pass additional exams or participate in additional classes,
  • exempt incoming students from registration fees, tuition and examination fees, while allowing free use of laboratories or libraries.


News in the Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027:

  • integration and inclusive strategies,
  • European student card and Erasmus+ mobile application,
  • spreading mixed mobility,
  • involvement in the promotion of the Erasmus+ programme, the so-called local ambassadors, i.e. former participants, students and employees.