First edition of the University magazine – Discipulus

Discipulus is a magazine run by students belonging to the editorial club. It was created for the benefit of Collegium Humanum community in May 2020 and its first, full-fledged edition will be released soon. Articles for the magazine can be submitted by any student of the University. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Tomasz Sitek, a second-year psychology student, whereas Sebastian Krauz is the technical editor. Here is a short statement from the editors regarding the entire project:


“Publishing, documenting and expressing ourselves is our mission. We want this magazine to be alive and we want each student to contribute to its publishing process. In fact, whether it will be a quarterly, semi-annual or monthly, depends only on the students. We believe that only together can we give it an importance. Each of us can have a share by submitting written articles.


We think that each of us can be an editor, and we even think that we already are, but it may happen that we do not know it yet. Students can write about anything, the only limitation is our imagination. It is enough to realize that we have been doing it for a long time, because we live by writing our own history. As the editorial staff, we want to publish about the life of our community. We believe it is worth the public attention.


We would thus like to encourage you to read our articles and join our editorial activities”.