Humanum Talks: “Can faith in the 21st century be still attractive?” with rev. dr Matteo Campagnaro

We want to invite you to take part in another Humanum Talks series on the subject of faith in the 21st century with rev. dr Matteo Campagnaro, secretary of HE Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Warsaw.


Reverend Matteo Campagnaro cooperates with Collegium Humanum as an academic chaplain and sees to the spiritual needs of our community.


“Religious dimension is a necessary element for the integral education of a man. We need a community of people who are looking for the truth, and I want to extend my invitation to everyone, people of different origins, different worldviews, to join this community so that we can look for the truth together,” – says rev. Campagnaro.


The discussion on how to believe in the 21st century will be chaired by prof. dr Piotr Kosiak, EMBA, DBA, from the Institute of Management and Finance at Collegium Humanum.


You can watch or listen to the discussion live via one of our platforms: