Inauguration of the Academic Year 2019/2020

On October 26 this year, the inauguration ceremony of the Academic Year 2019/2020 was held at Collegium Humanum.


The ceremony, chaired by H.M. the Provost of Collegium Humanum, prof. dr hab. Paweł Czarnecki, MBA, DBA, dr h.c., saw numerous and prominent guests from Poland and abroad, including:


  • M. prof. MUDr. Vladimir Krcmery, DrSc, MBA, dr h.c. prof. hon.- Provost at Vysoka Skola Zdravotnictva a Socialnej Prace sv. Alzbety in Bratislava (Slovakia),
  • M. prof. dr hab. Tomas Lengyelfalusy – Provost at Vysoka Skola DTI in Dubnica (Slovakia),
  • M. prof. dr. Sebastian Fuller, MBA, DBA- Provost at Apsley Business School in London (United Kingdom),
  • Dr hab. Miroslav Skoda – Vice-Provost at Vysoka Skola DTI in Dubnica,
  • kan. prof. dr hab. Ryszard Czekalski – Vice-Provost at the University of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński in Warsaw,
  • dr hab. Sławomir Bukowski – Vice-Provost at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Radom,
  • dr hab. eng. Stanislav Szabo- Dean of the Faculty of Aviation at the Technical University in Košice (Slovakia),
  • Dr Roman Brauner- Vice-Provost at Newton College in Prague (Czech Republic),
  • abbot prof. dr hab. Gyorgy Herdics, MBA, LL.M., dr h.c.,
  • dr. JUDr. Mikulas Bodor-Provost at the Poiradenstva Institute, Vzdelana a Informatizata in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia),
  • Dr Daniel Milewski – Member of the Polish Parliament, Vice-Provost at the Warsaw Business School,
  • E. dr Bachram Babajev – Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Poland,
  • Barbara Wichrowska- Director of the Poczta Polska S.A.Training Centre,
  • dr Andrzej Lewczak and fr. protodiakon Jerzy Dmitruk – Representing His Eminence Metropolitan Sawa,
  • Dean prof. dr hab. Mirosław Michalski – Representing His Excellency Archbishop prof. dr. hab. Wiktor Wysoczański,
  • Robert Berdychowski – Pastor of the parish of St. Cross


The ceremony was attended by honourable members of the Collegium Humanum Convent: adv. Jolanta Turczynowicz-Kieryłło, adv. Wojciech Mądrzycki, prof. hab. Ireneusz Nawrot, fr. can. prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Bąk.


After the solemn act of matriculation of the first-year students by the Provost prof. Paweł Czarnecki, assisted by Vice-Provost Iwona Górka, the inaugural lecture was delivered by adv. Jolanta Turczynowicz-Kieryłło on the topic of “Freedom and Responsibility – the limits of law in the public life”.


During the ceremony, the Provost prof. dr hab. Paweł Czarnecki, awarded H.M. prof. MUDr. Vladimir Krcmerem, DrSc, MBA, dr.h.c. prof. hon., Provost at Vysoka Skola Zdravotnictva a Socialnej Pracy sv. Alzbety in Bratislava (Slovakia), the title of Civis Academicum Honorificus.


The ceremony was also accompanied by the act of appointing new Collegium Humanum authorities, including: prof. dr. Hubert Paluch, Sławomir Jagiełło to act as Vice-Provost. In addition, Michał Jurczyk, MBA, and dr Milena Gołda were appointed to the functions of directors of the institutes, while H.E. Ambassador of Uzbekistan, dr Bachram Babajev was appointed as the member of the Collegium Humanum Convent.


The ceremony was accompanied by the performance of the Archcathedral of St. John the Baptist’s Choir and, at the end of the event, of Anna Bakalarska.


Thank you for coming and we would like to wish all the students and university employees a very happy and prosperous year!