Law in the epidemic

We are pleased to announce that Mr Michał Modro, an academic lecturer at Collegium Humanum and Attorney-at-law at the law firm Gospodarka Zdrowie Modro Sp.k., prof. Paweł Czarnecki, the Provost at Collegium Humanum, Mr Jarosław J. Fedorowski, Professor at Collegium Humanum and President of the Association of Polish Hospitals as well as Ms Anna Banaszewska (Ph.D at Law), an academic lecturer at Collegium Humanum, have together developed a “Law in the epidemic” guide across various areas of law applicable specifically during the pandemic of COVID-19 . In this compendium of knowledge dedicated to entrepreneurs, medical entities, employers, employees and medical staff, several questions and answers are provided with regard to such issues as:


  • whether it is legal to force employees to provide unpaid leave declarations,
  • whether to send to work on combating COVID-19 those doctors who are raising young children
  • rights and duties during a quarantine periodhospital’s liability in the event of a failure to perform planned surgeries and … many, many others.