Microsoft Office 365 for free for all Collegium Humanum Students!

The unique access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite, including popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams messenger and other practical programmes, is now possible for all Collegium Humanum students. Our academic community is allowed to use the software free of charge as part of the University’s agreement with the software giant.

A wide range of Microsoft Office 365 tools has many useful applications to improve work and communication’s efficiency. Primarily, these include:

  • full mobility and access
  • data storage security
  • real-time co-authoring – a virtual drive allows you to quickly save and archive all the files
  • capacious mailbox – up to 50 GB of free e-mail space
  • automatic update which guarantees access to the latest software versions
  • personal cloud storage
  • constant contact and information exchange platform

As part of the Office 365 package, our students receive unlimited access to the following tools:

  • Microsoft Word – creating documents and editing content
  • Microsoft Excel – spreadsheets, data analysis and visualization
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – designing multimedia presentations
  • Microsoft Outlook – e-mail management
  • Microsoft OneNote – creating and organizing notes
  • Microsoft Sway – creating and sharing presentations, reports, newsletters, digital stories
  • Microsoft Forms – creating surveys, forms and quizzes
  • Microsoft OneDrive – personal cloud storage for files
  • Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power Apps – task automation
  • Microsoft Stream and Yammer – remote communication and video sharing
  • Microsoft School Data Sync – data synchronization
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams – teams collaboration and video calling.

Importantly, access to those applications and files is possible from any operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac, tablet, iPhone or Android.

How to take advantage of the free Microsoft Office 365 package?

  1. Go to the following website and click the “Log in to your account” icon (upper right corner).
  2. Use the following login, where XXXX is your student album number.
  3. Enter the access password, which you can find in your profile on eHumanum, under the “Free Programmes” tab.
  4. After logging into the Microsoft system, change your password.

Questions? Please, write to us at