Online debate: Discover your right pole and define your goals in the new reality.

We would like to invite you to attend an online debate which will take place on Thursday, 28th of May, at 13.00. Our guest will be Marek Kamiński – Polish traveller and explorer.

Subject of the meeting: Discover your right pole and define your goals in the new reality.

According to our guest, his experiences earned during different expeditions, including conquering the North Pole as well as the South Pole without any outside help, conquering both poles of the Earth within one year with 15-year-old Jan Mela or “No Trace Expedition” – a trip by an electric car through the Gobi desert and Siberia – they all can be valid sources of inspiration when seeking solutions to the current times so that to build strong motivation to act in a new reality.

These trips and the experiences earned throughout could help understand how to accept situations that are beyond our direct influence. They could also help understand the very process of adapting our minds to changes and various uncertainties in life, which in the context of the current events is becoming more important and up-to-date.

During the debate, we will try to answer the question of how to define goals in accordance with our own values and experiences. We will also talk about the Pole Method, which is the very basis for all activities of Marek Kamiński.

The meeting will be conducted by Michał Jurczyk (MBA, DBA), Vice-Provost of Collegium Humanum.

300 people with enabled webcams will be able to participate in the meeting.

Hardware requirements: smartphone or computer with the ZOOM application.

Feel invited to join us!