Online lecture – Blue Ocean Strategy – dr. David E. Kalisz – 05.06.2020.

Online lecture – Blue Ocean Strategy – dr. David E. Kalisz – 05.06.2020.


We would like to invite you for an online lecture which will take place on Thursday June 5 this year at 18.00. The lecture’s subject will be Blue Ocean Strategy and it will be delivered by dr. David E. Kalisz.


The Blue Ocean Strategy assumes that companies that will achieve a leading and successful position in the future will do so not by winning over their competitors, but rather by creating the so-called blue oceans for the market space being an excellent environment for economic growth. Such strategic market moves based on the concept of value and innovation will lead to great value leaps for both companies as well as their clients. The Blue Ocean Strategy is a systematic approach to making the wider competition irrelevant. It is a method that:
– changes the thinking framework,
– shows how to reconstruct market borders,
– how to focus on a broader vision,
– reach beyond the existing demand,
– properly determine the strategic sequence,
– overcome organisational obstacles and
– embed the strategy in the policy implementation.

We would kindly request that you confirm your participation using the website. Those who confirm their participation in the lecture will receive a link to the transmission via email.

1000 people with webcams enabled will be able to participate in the meeting.

Hardware requirements: smartphone or computer with the ZOOM application.