Open Day for Postgraduate Candidate Students

On 15 July, we organised an Open Day for postgraduate candidates. The event was held at the headquarters of Collegium Humanum in Warsaw.


Numerous candidates who came along had the opportunity to take part in lectures conducted by the academic staff of Collegium Humanum. Among the main topics discussed during the lecture were the following: mental training in business, psycho-traumatology, speech therapy and neuro-logopaedics.


Apart from the substantive part of the event, all our candidates were welcomed by the representatives of the Postgraduate Studies Office and our Vice Provost for Education and Didactics. We did our best to answer all the questions that our guests had regarding our study offer.


In addition, each participant received a gift set with an educational voucher entitling to claim a discount on tuition fees.


Thank you all for coming along and we hope to see you again very soon in October.


You can find out more about our postgraduate study programme on offer under the following link: