Open Day with Filip Chajzer

On 20 September, we held an Open Day with Filip Chajzer. The event took place at Zielna Conference Centre.


All our guests had the opportunity to attend the following lectures:


– “Introduction to pedagogical studies – what professional opportunities are open to graduates of this field?” with dr Joanna Domańska,

– “Why is psychology a baobab tree in the career forest?” with Ms Małgorzata Krysa, MA,

– “Important elements of AI in business management” with Mr Tomasz Jędrzejczak, MA,

– “Is it worth studying for an MBA”? with Mr Filip Chajzer,

– “Trafficking in human beings from a legal, criminal and criminological perspective. Why is it worth to study law and criminology?” with dr Janusz Bryk,

– “Mental training in business” with Mr Maciej Wisiorowski, MA, MBA.


The event turned very popular among university candidates who, in addition to interesting lectures, had a number of other attractions, including gift sets with educational vouchers to study at our University.


We were also honoured by the presence of Mrs Teresa Godlewska, the heroine of Warsaw Uprising and a neighbour of Józef Piłsudski. She gained wide popularity after appearing in a TV programme “Dzień Dobry TVN”.


Thank you for being with us and we hope to see you soon at Collegium Humanum.