Students’ Organisations

At Collegium Humanum, students, the most important stakeholders, are formed into various students’ organisations. They are usually voluntary, and their subject matter is related to the interests of student members. Any student who decides to become a participant in one of such societies can therefore develop their cognitive passions as well as co-create and change the university. This activity is also an opportunity for students to deepen their scientific interests by organising different symposia, seminars and scientific conferences as well as publishing magazines.

Active participation of students in their organisations is a very important element of our college life at Collegium Humanum. Thanks to these endeavours, not only can the students acquire new skills and meet new people, but they can also undertake different internships, thus enhancing their CVs with professional experience. Participation in students’ organisations does also increase your chances and opportunities to obtain scholarships founded by the Office of the Provost.