Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Art & Science - New Media in Business



Master of Business Administration (MBA) postgraduate study programme in the field of art and science, organized by Collegium Humanum in partnership with the Apsley Business School in London, is one of the most recognizable and prestigious managerial qualifications in Poland that has been granted with a Professional Class of the 2020 MBA Programme Rating of the Managerial Education Association Forum 2020.

The curriculum is rigorously assessed and continuously improved as part of the University’s commitment on account of its participation in the Business Graduates Association (BGA) of London. Collegium Humanum has also started the process of applying for a prestigious accreditation issued by the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (AMBA & BGA) in London.


The programme is intended to those seeking inspiration, innovation and opportunities for personal development. Our offer is addressed primarily to senior management, members of statutory bodies of companies with state treasury shareholding, directors of commercial companies, managers or those who want to hold managerial positions in the near future.


The modules of the study programme stem from the needs of the wider managerial practice and are taught by experienced high-level managers as well as business people in a case study system.

Graduates of the course acquire the following qualifications:

  • to sit on supervisory boards of companies with State Treasury shareholding (Article 19(1)(1)(c) of the Act of 16 December 2016 – on the principles of state property management (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1182),
  • as new media manager

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Art & Science – New Media in Business is a prestigious and elite MBA study programme recognized on a European scale and inspired by the fields of arts, business and science, offering the highest quality knowledge and skills as well as the development of instincts.


Our graduates gain a competitive advantage and are able to increase their value and attractiveness on the wider labour market.


All postgraduate programmes at Collegium Humanum are subject to continuous improvement as part of the University’s membership in the Business Graduates Association (BGA) being part of BGA &  AMBA of London. The University also belongs to CEEMAN, the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, the Conference of Rectors of Vocational Schools in Poland (KRZaSP) as well as the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) – an entity operating under the auspices of the United Nations.

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  • development of body self-awareness and interoception
  • elements of cognitive psychology and neuroaesthetics
  • development of instincts through which a person can become involved in the process leading to deeper personal integration and professional development
  • studying the relationship of senses with instincts and creativity
  • creative skills and professional competences
  • learning observation and critical assessment of situations
  • development of creative problem solving
  • studying imaginary worlds
  • development of abstract and creative thinking
  • development of the ability to concretise problems and to look at them creatively
  • reviewing existing competences and seeing them in a creative perspective
  • experiencing a greater mental balance while increasing spontaneity and adaptability
  • increasing bodily awareness in human development
  • body experience including all conscious and unconscious experiences of a cognitive and emotional nature.


  • Public speaking and image creation (Public Relations, Social Media, Brand Management and Personal Branding)
  • Story telling
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Managing crisis situations
  • Business ethics and CSR
  • BMC (Body Mind Centering)
  • Real time composition
  • Design Thinking
  • Television, Broadcast Marketing and New Technologies in Advertising
  • Dynamics in business
  • Designing the recipient’s experience
  • Copyright and GDPR
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Business psychology and mentoring
  • Marketing
  • Business etiquette and savoir vivre
  • Talent and human resources management
  • Leadership and coaching



The highest quality development programme, unique on a European scale

An international team of experts, lecturers and inspirers

Prestigious Postgraduate Diploma

Intimate groups of participants


The study programme includes workshops and training activities for the top-level staff, providing for creativity and developing instincts, senses as well as embodied cognition. Our offer is particularly aimed at people who have achieved professional and financial success in their life, but who have lost the joy of it, a sense of its meaning, a deeper purpose and harmony along the way. Living under constant stress, we are no longer able to enjoy our achievements; we fall into different states of frustration and indifference. That is why we have prepared a truly innovative and unprecedented programme aimed at returning to the senses, stimulating the instincts, extracting real emotions, restoring harmony and balance, while freeing from blockages and limitations.

The programme includes a training workshop run away from civilization in very good hotel conditions (with provided rooms and the possibility of conducting some outdoor activities). Participants work both in groups and individually.

Thanks to the programme, the participants will be able to enter a special space where they will have the opportunity to directly experience, express and integrate the effects of their presence and body. Our training activities also have a symbolic dimension, as they help the participants to express what is unconscious and difficult to verbalize. Our participants have the opportunity to fully integrate with experiences and relate them to all areas of their functioning – physical, emotional, mental and social, thus expressing and reflecting on what happened. By including the body in the work, we give the participants a chance to come into being fully present with their thoughts, emotions and physical feelings. It should be said that it is specifically in movement that fixed patterns of behaviour have a chance to be explored, because if they are not expressed, they often cause internal conflicts, whereas when emotions have a chance to be exposed and expressed, they give room for new reactions. Through the movement, therefore, the participant will be able stimulate instincts and creativity, discover fullness, integration and authenticity.


Are your employees tired? Are they experiencing a sense of stress? Do they feel professionally burnt out? Do they lack creativity and energy to act? In order to meet our market needs, we have created a unique series of workshops for groups of corporate employees. The programme is dedicated to any company and the classes are personalized taking into account the area of ​​activity and the specificity of work of the group of employees in question. The programme includes workshop activities that cater for energy and creativity. We eliminate fatigue by returning to our inner selves. We stimulate the instincts to develop the senses and the embodied cognition. Living under constant stress, unfortunately, we fall into states of frustration and indifference. We would therefore like to present an innovative and unprecedented programme aimed at restoring harmony and balance, freeing from blockages and restrictions. The programme includes workshop meetings at the workplace or in specially prepared workshop rooms. Participants work both in groups and individually. Our offer is directed in particular to people who want to be successful in their professional life.






Real time composition


Workshop participants will receive a certificate of creativity in Polish or, upon special request, in English. In addition, the company participating in the programme will also receive a certificate of creativity issued by Collegium Humanum-Warsaw School of Management in Warsaw as well as a special statuette.


* the workshop programme is prepared at the request of each interested party.


  • a certificate of completion of postgraduate studies (in accordance with Article 164 of the Act of 20 July 2018 – the Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws, item 1668) and the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 12 September 2018 regarding documents issued in relation to the course or completion of postgraduate studies and specialist education (Journal of Laws, item 1791)
  • diploma with the accreditation of Apsley Business School in London (UK)


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