President of Rzeszów, dr. h.c. Tadeusz Ferenc, becomes the newest member of the Convent of Collegium Humanum

On July 5 this year, dr. h.c. Tadeusz Ferenc, President of Rzeszów, was appointed by HM prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki, MBA, dr. h.c., to perform the function of a Member of the Convent of Collegium Humanum-Warsaw Management University. The solemn act of appointment took place in the City Hall in Rzeszów in the presence of dr. Tomasz Kulesza, Vice-Provost of the University branch  in Rzeszów and dr. Henryk Pietrzak – Director of the Institute of Psychology.  Collegium Humanum-Warsaw Management University’s branch in Rzeszów provides master’s degree programme in psychology.