Professor Edyta Hadrowicz awarded by the Institute of Justice

On 28 November 2022, during the meeting at the Institute of Justice, Professor Edyta Habrowicz, hab. dr, professor at Collegium Humanum, was recognised for her habilitation thesis “Responsibility of members for the obligations incurred by an ordinary association and the issue of legal personality”. The recognition was bestowed as part of the 4th edition of a contest for the best doctoral and habilitation thesis in the field of legal sciences. Professor Hadrowicz is a research and academic employee at Collegium Humanum, and she is also the Director of the Institute of Law and Administration. Her habilitation thesis was praised as one of three best papers; thus it qualified as an outstanding achievement in the field of legal sciences.

The aim of the contest, announced by the Director of the Institute of Justice, Mr Marcin Wiecek, hab. dr, professor at UKSW, is to increase the interest of the academic community in legal issues. “The Jury consists of outstanding professors, judges of the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court as well as lawyers and law theorists,” emphasised the Director of the Institute. At the opening of the event, it was also pointed out by the Director that to receive a distinction by the Jury is a great prestige. In addition to monetary prizes, the authors of the awarded papers will have the opportunity to have their dissertations published by the Publishing House of the Institute of Justice.

The formal awards presentation gala took place on 9 December 2022 at the Institute of Justice.

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