Provost’s visit to the Branch of Collegium Humanum in Rzeszów

On 7 February, the Provost of Collegium Humanum, prof. dr hab. Paweł Czarnecki, MBA, dr h.c., Honorary Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Poland, visited the Branch of Collegium Humanum in Rzeszów located at the Avenue of General Leopold Okulicki 10.


During the meeting, several new appointments were made. Dr Henryk Pietrzak, MBA, Professor of Collegium Humanum, was appointed an acting Vice Provost of the Branch. In addition, Ms Monika Wild-Urbanek, MA, was appointed for the position of Director of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy at the Branch and Ms Krystyna Wróblewska, MSc, was appointed the Branch Plenipotentiary. Moreover, dr Artur Grzesik, MBA, Professor of Collegium Humanum, was appointed the Plenipotentiary for Projects.


It was also an occasion for the Provost to meet with the lecturers and administration employees of the University Branch in Rzeszów as well as students and representatives of the Student Union.


During his meetings with the Director of the Independent Public Health Care Centre of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Rzeszów, Mr Zbigniew Widomski, and the President of the Management Board of the SABAMED Medical Centre, Mr Daker Al Soori, the Provost signed cooperation agreements, which will enable students of Collegium Humanum to participate in projects conducted as part of their studies in the fields of Psychology, Pedagogy and Management. Our students will be thus able to participate in various internships, trainings, courses and conferences.

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