Psychology Days at Collegium Humanum

Between 20 and 21 February, we held Psychology Days in Collegium Humanum organised by the Student Psychology Society “Práksis” represented by Ms Mariola Ananiow, Ms Magdalena Nowicka and Ms Aleksandra Zarzycka under the scientific supervision of Professor of Collegium Humanum – dr Teresa Panas, Director of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy.


The first day was packed with interactive online lectures, including: “Family therapy. Where to start?” by dr K. Krupowska-Stępień and “Psychological diagnosis: theory and practice. How not to hurt a child with a diagnosis?” by Ms M. Markowska.


During the lectures, attended by around 1,000 participants, there were many interesting and exploring questions from our students.


The second day was about workshops. Our lecturer, Mr Marcin Kwiatkowski, MA, an expert in modern technologies in psychology, gave a lecture with a practical show using virtual reality goggles.


The second part of the event boasted also of a discussion workshop held under the patronage of the Institute of Psychology of Collegium Humanum and members of the Polish Psychological Society. It was attended by dr Teresa Panas, Mr Michał Wojtala, MA, Mr Marcin Kwiatkowski, MA, Mr Szymon Czekaj and members of the Presidium of the Polish Psychological Society.


All participants received special gifts.


We wish our psychologists as well as our psychology students all the very best.

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