Students’ Union

The university Student Council at Collegium Humanum is constituted pursuant to the Act of 27 July 2005 “Law on Higher Education” and the Statute of Collegium Humanum.


The very beginnings of student self-management in Poland date back to 1957, when the first independent student parliament was created alongside the example of such organisations functioning in Sweden.


Student Union has a structure similar to the one existing at the university itself. The university Student Council is an internal stakeholder at Collegium Humanum, which actually co-creates its internal rules of operation, co-decides on the distribution of funds and study programmes, whereas its members sit in the University’s Senate and the Provost Council.

All student unions in Poland are associated within the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland, which is the only institution of its kind that has the right to represent all Polish students.


One of the most important tasks of the university Student Council at Collegium Humanum is to co-decide, together with the Provost of the University, on the division of funds received as subsidies from the Minister of Science and Higher Education. These funds are later allocated to various types of scholarships, allowances and to other student purposes. With the participation of students, the very programme and regulations of studies are also adopted. The legislative authority also belongs to the array of powers of the student union. At least 20% of the Senate composition at each university must be made from students and doctoral candidates.