The first Inauguration of the Academic Year 2021/22 in our University Branch in Wrocław

On 18 October, in the Gem Hotel, a ceremonial inauguration of the Academic Year 2021/22 for the University branch in Wrocław took place. It was the first such ceremony in the Lower Silesian branch of our University.

“We are extending our welcome to the new students of Collegium Humanum”, said HM prof. dr hab. Paweł Czarnecki, Provost of the University, expressing his satisfaction with the fact that Collegium Humanum has initiated its operation in another city in Poland.

“We do not force anyone to learn at this University. It all depends on you. Your intentions meet our possibilities. We focus on the practical side of education, and we deeply hope that thanks to us, you will become real practitioners”, added the Provost at the end of the speech.

The ceremony was honoured by the presence of, among others, Ms. Dorota Feliks, Director of the Wrocław Centre for Social Development; Mr. Jarosław Delewski, Director of the Department of Education at the City Hall of Wrocław; Dr h.c. Marian Dymalski, MBA, DBA, Vice President of the International Federation of Academic Sports (FISU), member of the Main Board of AZS, Ms. Iwona Górka, MBA, Vice Provost of Collegium Humanum, Dr Magdalena Żołud.

The inaugural lecture on “We design the future. Education” was delivered by Mr. Maciej Potocki, President of the Wrocław Technology Park.

We also witnessed a ceremonial Immatriculation of the first-year students. The Vice Provost, Ms. Iwona Górka, was asked to read out the oath rota, whereas Sandra Kotowska, Zuzanna Brzezina and Filip Leszczyński represented the students’ community at the stage.

The Cantilena Male Choir graced the ceremony with its performance, intoning the National Anthem and the medieval song of Kraków students “Breve regnum”.