Transfers from another university

Are you considering a college change or do you want to resume your interrupted studies?

Become a student at Collegium Humanum!

If you are or have been a student on any course at any university – this is an offer for you.

Your previous achievements and completed subjects can be recognised at Collegium Humanum.

All you need to do is apply to the Provost Office at Collegium Humanum, attaching a list of completed subjects issued by your current university or university where you interrupted your studies.

On the basis of the documents provided by you, we will analyse which subjects will be recognised by Collegium Humanum, determining how to supplement any possible programme differences.

If you have been struck off the list of students, you can also apply for the admission to the university and a resumption of your education.

In order for us to consider your request of transfer or resumption of your interrupted education at another university, make sure that you submit an application form to the Provost Office at Collegium Humanum

Become a student at Collegium Humanum!

The attachment to your application should consist of a list of grades and subjects issued by your current or previous university, containing information about the subjects and periods of study duly completed by you. The list of grades and subjects should also contain information as to how many semesters of study you have passed or failed.