Visit to the Lower Chamber of the Polish Parliament by our management students

On May 16, our management students visited Sejm, the Lower Chamber of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.


The students had the opportunity to learn about the organisational structure and the main principles of functioning of Sejm. They learnt about the history of the creation of the institution and the key challenges of the present-day parliamentarism in Poland. They could also see the Main Hall of the Parliament and the Gallery, where meetings with journalists are held.


The visit to the Parliament of the Republic of Poland gave our students a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the practical aspects of the functioning of central administration in Poland.


Study visits are considered to be an innovative method of implementing the learning process, especially in those fields of study that have a practical profile. Study visits allow to combine learning with practice, which is an integral part of a wider educational process. During such trips, students can supplement and broaden their academic and practical knowledge so that to gain comprehensive education, which is now so much appreciated by many employers.