Who we are

Collegium Humanum is distinguished by its courage to set new educational pathways, the highest quality of education and innovative teaching model as well as sensitivity expressed in its mottos of “Education for Success” and “Be More Humanum”.

Collegium Humanum is a university boasting an international dimension of education.

We organise and run studies at our headquarters in Warsaw as well as in our branches in Poznań and Rzeszów. But we are also present in the Czech Republic (through our branches in Prague and Frydek-Mistek), Slovakia (through our branch in Bratislava) and Uzbekistan (our branch in Andijan). Collegium Humanum is the first and so far the only Polish university to open a branch in Asia. The very transnationality of the community of teachers and students at Collegium Humanum creates its strength, affirms its diversity and supports its comprehensive cooperation supra-regionally as well as as part of “the good neighbourhood” concept.

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By creating our educational offer, we try to go beyond traditional patterns. Study programmes at Collegium Humanum are created across interdisciplinary teams of scientists and recognized specialists-practitioners constantly analysing the requirements of the changing world and all the related educational needs. The result of this work is an innovative and creative educational offer that responds to the expectations of people focused not only on their intellectual development, but also their professional success – that is people ambitious and willing enough to derive full satisfaction from their future jobs. This current and practical knowledge is passed on by multidimensional academic lecturers as well as experts with universal scientific, didactic and managerial achievements. Our work is characterised by an individual approach to each student, so as to reveal their dormant potential.

We pay particular attention to the national and international verification process of the quality of our educational products. Our study programmes are subject to rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement not only by the Polish Accreditation Committee (pol. PKA), but also as part of the University’s membership in the Business Graduates Association (BGA) in London. Collegium Humanum is also finalizing the process of applying for a prestigious accreditation with the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (AMBA & BGA). These are only selected examples of international validations that prove a truly global label of our studies. But we also remember about passing on to students humanistic values. We are a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Management in Education (PRME) – an initiative operating under the auspices of the United Nations that shapes the attitudes of social responsibility among future leaders in business, politics and other dimensions of public life.

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