XXI Great Artistic Gallery | University Branch in Rzeszów

A unique auction – XXI Great Artistic Gallery


For the 21st time, on 11 December this year, on behalf of all the organizers, we would like to cordially invite you to attend our pre-Christmas meeting at the Great Artistic Gallery, which has been organised for many years around the Christmas season at the “Kotłownia” club, operating at Adam Mickiewicz Primary School No 11 with Integration Departments in Jarosław (formerly “the twelfth”).


This year’s edition, for the first time, has seen the participation in the organization of the Gallery by Collegium Humanum – Warsaw Management University with its Branch in Rzeszów. This is an extremely important and valuable initiative, especially because of the fact that the idea which has continually guided the Gallery organizers for many years seems to be an integral element of the university’s educational offer, including when it comes to the course of Psychology taught in Rzeszów.


Every year, the involvement of all the Gallery participants, organizers, sponsors, buyers of the auctioned and exhibited works as well as teachers and the youth for the benefit of those most vulnerable and threatened with social exclusion, flows from the depths of everyone’s heart. It has also become an example and, at the same time, a pregnant symbol of a proper conduct in the face of everyday life dilemmas and difficulties of people struggling with various disabilities, exclusions and social threats.


We would like to invite you to take part in this unusual auction of artistic works made by artists, children and the youth from various educational centres – all in the atmosphere of Christmas carols and pastorals.


The auction, as well as the income from the sale of other works exhibited in the club, will support associations and organizations that provide, according to their statutory activities, care for those most vulnerable and disadvantaged.


“The suffering is in the world also to release love in us, this generous and selfless gift coming from one’s own “me” for those who are suffering”, – John Paul II.


See you next Wednesday, December 11, at 18.00 at the club “Kotłownia” at Primary School No 11, ul. Kraszewskiego 39 in Jarosław!