Youth for Inclusion – how we can counteract intolerance and discrimination. A meeting at the Town Hall in Rzeszów.

On 26 January, a meeting on the implementation of the Youth for Inclusion Project was held in Rzeszów Town Hall. The project assumes organisation of trainings and workshops for the youth in Rzeszów in the context of counteracting intolerance and discrimination (the project is addressed to the Polish and Ukrainian youth). The event, scheduled to take place at the end of May, will see the participation of Collegium Humanum students as speakers and co-organisers.


The trainings will be developed and moderated by a team of experts, including internationally and nationally recognised professionals, including a representative of the ODIHR Department of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination. The final part of the project conference will take place in December 2023 in Lublin, when all the participants will have the opportunity to present their achievements, summarise experiences, share good practices and plan further activities.


The participants will have the opportunity to:

  • create a shared vision of a peaceful, cohesive and inclusive society that cares for people of diverse ethnic and national backgrounds and cultures,
  • identify and counteract prejudice, stereotypes, intolerance as well as violence based on hatred towards one’s identity,
  • conduct discussions that induce free expression of opinions on identity in a way that enhances mutual respect and understanding, peace and security for all members of our society,
  • build and maintain coalitions and links between different groups of youth with similar attitudes in order to strengthen the atmosphere of tolerance while counteracting discrimination in the communities.

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