Gerhard Kardynał Müller w Collegium Humanum we Wrocławiu

On 17 February, Collegium Humanum in Wrocław hosted a visit by Cardinal Müller, former prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and Faith and Bishop of Regensburg. Cardinal Müller is regarded as one of the closest aides of Pope Francis.


During the meeting at our headquarters in the heart of the old town in Wrocław, Cardinal Müller gave a lecture entitled “Heart, mind, science, psychology and business. Church and faith – does it still make sense in the 21st century?”. “Faith and science are not contradictory. But we must be careful not to lose from sight what is important in life, especially now, when many people spend more time looking at their phones than their families”, said the Cardinal.


Our guest was also asked about the ecology. “Are we to apologise for breathing air? The weather, nature conservation, climate change – it is indisputable. But at the same time, much emphasis is channelled in the wrong ways. A dangerous re-evaluation is taking place. Man does not have to apologise for functioning on Earth. The Earth was given to us by God, who created the universe and gave such and no other conditions to every man. I have read an article about Japan today. The society there is very old: at least 38 million people over the age of 65. And someone has proposed that to solve the problem of the elderly, these people should commit collective suicide. But every human being has the right to life from conception to natural death. It is a human right. A man is a person and not an object,” said the Cardinal. There were also questions about celibacy and the priesthood of women.


The visit was commented on by the Provost of Collegium Humanum, prof. dr hab. Paweł Czarnecki – Honorary Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan. “Today, our academic community hosts a great scientist, theologian, and also the closest associate of the Holy Father – Francis. The Congregation for Doctrine and Faith is the source of what the Church values and teaches in its doctrine. Hence, we have a guest here who can provide answers to many questions about the conflict of reason and faith, as well as the heart. This is especially important for psychologists,” he said.


Apart from the students and academic staff of Collegium Humanum, the meeting was also attended by: dr Róża Gumienna, Polish kickboxer and MMA fighter, Mr Krzysztof Grzelczyk, Polish Ambassador to North Macedonia and dr Marian Dymalski, Vice President of the International Federation of Academic Sports (FISU) and member of the Board of the Polish Olympic Committee. Cardinal Müller was accompanied by his secretary, Fr Slawomir Śledziewski.


Many thanks to the media for their presence and press coverage.



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