New composition of the Student Union Board at Collegium Humanum!

As a result of structural changes within the Student Union of Collegium Humanum, certain changes occurred also at the local level. We have a new President of the SU Board, who has already appointed the remaining members of the students’ self-government.

Sebastian Krauz, also acting as the Chair of the Presidium of the SU Board, was elected the new President of the SU Board in Rzeszów. Pursuant to the Regulations and the Statute, the President then appointed the remaining members of the Board.

The composition of the SU Board for the term of 2021-2024 is, thus, as follows:

Vice-President – Tomasz Sitek

Vice-President – Katarzyna Mazur

Secretary – Karolina Górniewicz

Press Spokesperson – Julia Kozicka

Student Ombudsman – Dominika Kulaga

KKiS President – Sylwia Ciebiera

KKiS Secretary – Dorota Szela

Member of the Board – Izabela Kubica

Member of the Board – Aleksandra Koźlak

The term of office of the Board lasts three years, from 01/09/2021 to 21/06/2024.

We would like to pass our sincere congratulations to all members of the SU Board on their appointment and we would also like to wish them many successes for the benefit of the wider academic community of Collegium Humanum!