On-line debate – How to stimulate business during the coronavirus pandemic?

We would like to invite you to take part in an online debate that will take place on Tuesday, 28 April 2020, at 14.00. The subject of the debate will be: HOW TO STIMULATE BUSINESS DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC?

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely affected all areas of the Polish economy. It is already certain that the restrictions have resulted in irreversible losses for individual areas of the industries and enterprises, ultimately leading many of them to bankruptcy. Business in general is particularly vulnerable to any changes and restrictions, which results in the need to introduce certain corrections aimed at eliminating evident losses.

The debate will be moderated by dr. Bartłomiej Machnik (MBA) Director of the Institute of Regional Research and Analysis at Collegium Humanum. In addition, the following guests will take part in the debate: Maciej Panek, President of Panek S.A. and Paweł Kornosz, President of Yesindeed and Wannabuy. Michał Jurczyk (MBA, DBA), Vice Provost of Collegium Humanum, will also participate in the meeting.

100 people with webcams enabled will be able to participate in the debate.

Hardware requirements: smartphone or computer with the ZOOM application. See you there!