“Reach the top” – Ceremonial Graduation Gala of our Graduates in MBA, DBA, LL.M, LL.D, DPH and MSc

On 25 June, at the Polish Theatre of Arnold Szyfman in Warsaw, we witnessed a graduation ceremony of our postgraduate students in MBA, DBA, LL.M., DPH, LL.D, MSc. – Psycho-traumatology, Clinical Psychology, Psycho-oncology and Psycho-dietetics.


As you know, we always try to provide a very solemn setting for the ceremony of completion of postgraduate studies by our students so that to experience it as a great celebration of the whole University.


This time, our guests of honour were the following persons:

  • winner of the Audience Award at the 59th Opole Debut Concert of Polish Songs – Wiktor Kowalski, MBA graduate, who received from prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki an educational voucher for 20,000 PLN. The winner spontaneously performed his piece: “Co Dzień”,
  • Rector Commandant of the Main School of Fire Services – prof. overbrig. dr. Mariusz Feltynowski, Msc,
  • Academic Director of Apsley Business School in London – prof. dr. Sebastian Fuller.


The Provost, prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki, appointed Mr Tomasz Misiak the new member of the University Business Consultative Council. Mr Misiak is a member of the Programme Council of the Employers of the Republic of Poland (2012-2022), a Senator of the Republic of Poland of the 6th and 7th term as well as the Founder and President of Mizyak Investment Fund Ltd.


New Vice Provost were also solemnly appointed:

  • Ms Magdalena Szydłowska – Vice Provost for Didactics and Education,
  • dr. hab. Arkadiusz Durasiewicz, MBA – Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Education,
  • dr. Małgorzata Dubis, MBA – Vice Provost of the University Branch in Rzeszów.


Mr Piotr Gertych, owner of PartGroup, spoke on behalf of Collegium Humanum Graduates.


At the end of the gala, the Provost honoured Doda with Collegium Humanum Success Medal for her outstanding artistic and cultural contributions in the 20th anniversary of her work. At the end of the gala, “the Queen of the Polish Music Scene” performed for the audience wishing everyone to reach the top.


The ceremony was attended by numerous representatives of business, governmental and social organisations, guest Rectors from universities in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, the UK and Hungary, as well as partners and friends of our University from Poland and abroad. We would like to thank you all for this wonderful event!


We would also like to thank the media for such numerous reports and coverages.


The Graduation Ceremony was hosted by Mr Zygmunt Chajzer, and it was honoured by the performance of a choir from the Warsaw Cathedral of St. John the Baptist that sang Bogurodzica, Gaude Mater Polonia and Gaudeamus Igitur.


“Collegium Humanum is a University with values ​​and goals focused on providing the highest level of practical education where the central stage is always taken by a human person – a student. That is why we are the Humanum. It is a great joy for me and all the academic lecturers of Collegium Humanum to be able to present our graduates with diplomas for which they have worked hard and long. The ceremonial gala that we organise is an expression of respect to our graduates and a celebration of the whole University. I wish our graduates more success and more achievements, which they will surely achieve through hard work and perseverance,” said prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki, Provost of Collegium Humanum.


“Collegium Humanum is a University that educates practitioners who are very much needed by our country. People who come to our University already have some professional experience. I am sure that studies at Collegium Humanum allow them to consolidate their knowledge and use it in their career development. I am very content that I can participate in such an event and that I can see the joy of our graduates, and above all, the development of the University,” said an outstanding transplantologist – prof. dr. hab. n. med. Ireneusz Nawrot – Member of the Collegium Humanum Council.


“Collegium Humanum has an innovative approach to its activities and the way it promotes science. Today’s combination of graduation of our postgraduate students with a concert by a very famous Polish singer Doda is the direction that the University prefers. But Collegium Humanum is also interested in cultivating academic traditions. We have the Provost’s retinue, a choir, events set in a beautiful scenery – outstanding gowns of both graduates and professors. This all gives a sense of durability and belonging to academic structures,” said Tomasz Misiak from Employers of the Republic of Poland.


He also emphasised the importance of the concept of a lifelong learning: “Self-development, the way of thinking and the so-called lifelong learning is more and more popular all over the world. The phrase “an eternal student” used to be negative. Today, however, it describes a person who learns all his life and is able to gain knowledge and develop himself along with the changing world.”

“Collegium Humanum is a unique university. We have amazing lecturers who represent the highest standards of teaching. We are constantly trying to increase the number of courses on offer. Our lecturers include the best professors and managerial staff, but – most of all – our University is all about the people who come here to share their practical experience with students,” said Aleksandra Fajęcka, educator and Secretary of Collegium Humanum Council.


“Today’s gala has only confirmed what a great and wonderful educational project this University is. Collegium Humanum is constantly setting the bar higher and higher. Today we have hosted Doda, in previous years we had such stars as Krzysztof Cugowski, who received from us, as the only university in Poland, the title of an Honorary Professor. We also had Tera Voci and Jacek Wójcicki. Let’s see who will honour us at our gala in October. You cannot lower the bar and this is our motto,” said Aleksandra Fajęcka.


We can only wish our graduates, students, partners and authorities a lot of future prosperity and success.