Study Visits of Collegium Humanum students

In the current academic year 2022/23, our students had the opportunity to take part in a series of Collegium Humanum study visits at some of the most important public bodies in Poland.


Our students have thus visited the following institutions: the Supreme Court, the Stock Exchange, the Parliament of the Republic of Poland as well as the Mazovian Specialist Health Centre in Pruszków.


The academic year 2022/23 was full of practical lectures and classes provided to our students as part of their study programmes. All this was undertaken to prepare our students for the requirements of the modern labour market so that to improve their chances of getting their dream jobs. All this has been relentlessly pursued alongside our motto of #EducationForSuccess.


Thanks to the variety of selected institutions where the study visits could take place, each of our student could find something interesting, regardless of the direction they are currently pursuing. During the visits, students could see the landmark headquarters of the institutions concerned and also talk to the employees about the specifics of work in the given profession.


At Collegium Humanum, we strive to practically prepare our students for their entry into the labour market.