The 6th Edition of the Academic Legion at Collegium Humanum!

The 6th Edition of the project entitled “the Academic Legion” is implemented on the basis of an agreement dated 12 January 2023 between the Minister of National Defence and the Minister of Education and Science on the implementation of voluntary military training for students and graduates of universities at the Schools of the Academic Legion. The project is a continuation of a pilot scheme of the same name launched back in 2017.


The military education of students within the Academic Legion consists of two parts: a theoretical part, which is carried out by universities in accordance with the training programme developed by the Minister of National Defence, and a practical part (military exercises), which is organised by the Minister of National Defence.


The basic premise of the project is a training programme (theoretical part) to be conducted by universities as a substantive module, i.e. as an under-officer module in the amount of 15 hours.


The main objective of the theoretical part is to master the knowledge and skills in the field of military subjects necessary to undergo training as part of military exercises carried out across military units.


If you want to participate, send your application to the Coordinator of the Programme, prof. dr hab. Arkadiusz Durasiewicz, Vice Provost of Collegium Humaum, at: arkadiusz.durasiewicz@humanum.pl


Applications are accepted until 22 March (12.00).

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