“Top Polish Brands” Award for Collegium Humanum

On 6 March this year during a ceremonial gala at Bristol Hotel in Warsaw, Collegium Humanum received a prestigious “Top Polish Brands” Award from CEOWORLD Magazine. On behalf of Collegium Humanum, the award was collected by dr h.c. Ryszard Czarnecki, MEP and Member of Business Consultative Council at Collegium Humanum as well as Michał Jurczyk, MBA and Vice-Provost of the University.


“Polish companies, both small and medium enterprises, provide for around 70% of all the workplaces and account for over 50% of the Polish GDP – and so it is us who are really creating the Polish economy these days, contributing so significantly to Poland being called the Tiger of Europe”, highlighted Milena Gołda, editor-in-chief of CEOWORLD Magazine. As she further emphasized, the goal of the award is to promote Polish entrepreneurship.


Ryszard Czarnecki, MEP and Member of Business Consultative Council at Collegium Humanum, indicated the importance of Polish companies with regard to the position of Poland in the European Union. “For the sixth quarter in a row, Poland has been the leader of the GDP growth among the EU countries. It is thanks to the Polish enterprises and Polish business”, he noted.


The gala created opportunities to exchange business experiences during two thematic panels, which, together with Milena Gołda, were moderated by Piotr Cieśliński, Member of the Polish Parliament. Participants of the panel “New company vision – the role of a leader” discussed, among other things, what a company’s vision should contain, whether the company’s president must be a leader and whether the path to being one is always twisted.


(Source PAP)