Cooperation with Regional Economic Fund S.A. MBA- Management in Agribusiness

On 6 November 2019, at the headquarters of Collegium Humanum, H.M. the Provost prof. dr hab. Paweł Czarnecki, in the presence of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Szymon Giżyński, signed a letter of intent for future cooperation with the Regional Economic Fund S.A. (RFG S.A.).


The Fund is responsible for the implementation of the government’s “Mieszkanie Plus” programme. It is also the originator and contractor of the Jurassic Agro Fresh Park investment – the largest project related to the agri-food market, product certification and creating groups of food producers in the country.


The cooperation concerns providing support in the field of education and science development. RFG S.A. is a key partner of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) postgraduate studies – Management in Agribusiness, a programme of studies run and delivered at Collegium Humanum.


In the first half of 2020, both entities plan to organize a scientific conference on the topic of food and fodder safety and quality in Poland. The event will see a number of prominent speakers attending and giving presentations.