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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Healthcare Management


  • TYPE OF STUDIES Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) postgraduate study programme in healthcare management, organized by Collegium Humanum in partnership with the Apsley Business School in London, is one of the most recognizable and prestigious managerial qualifications in Poland.

The curriculum is rigorously assessed and continuously improved as part of the University’s commitment due to its participation in the Business Graduates Association (BGA) of London. Collegium Humanum has also started the process of applying for a prestigious accreditation of the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (AMBA & BGA) in London.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Healthcare Management at Collegium Humanum is an integrated study programme and it features an approach to healthcare management using business tools, while ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to leadership and decision-making in the area of healthcare management.

The degree programme modules cater for qualifications needed in sustainable and effective decision-making processes across all aspects of management in healthcare institutions. Students get the opportunity to meet industry leaders and world-class lecturers, while analysing international case studies in the area of healthcare management.

Graduates of the study programme gain a competitive advantage and increase their value as well as attractiveness on the wider labour market.

The postgraduate curriculum at Collegium Humanum is subject to continuous improvement as part of the University’s membership in the Business Graduates Association (BGA) being part of BGA & AMBA of London. The University also belongs to CEEMAN, the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, the Conference of Rectors of Vocational Schools in Poland (KRZaSP) as well as Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) – an entity operating under the auspices of the United Nations.

Accreditations and memberships


Prof. Jarosław J. Fedorowski

Polska Federacja Szpitali

prof. dr hab. n. med. Ireneusz Nawrot

Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny

prof. dr hab. n. med. Vladimír Krčméry, Dr h.c.

St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work in Bratislava

dr Andrzej Jasiński

Wojewódzki Szpital Chirurgii Urazowej w Katowicach

prof. Dr. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch

IGMZI, Salzburg Barbara Jerschina


dr lek. med. Agnieszka Byszek

Centrum Onkologii – Instytut im. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie, Warszawa

prof. dr hab. Sławomir Bukowski

Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Humanistyczny

prof. UWM dr hab. Mariola Lemmonier

Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski Akademia De Virion

mgr Magdalena Gera-Pikulska, MBA

Management in Focus Collegium Humanum-SGM

dr Jarosław Chmielewski

dr n. med. Agnieszka Kacprzyk-Straszak, EMBA

Psycholog, psychotraumatolog, EMBA

mgr Marta Chalimoniuk-Nowak

Ekspert Rynku Medycznego.
Strateg, w Radzie Ekspertów BCC, prezes PSTZ.

mgr Krzysztof Fatalski

Ekspert Rynku Medycznego

dr Paweł F. Nowak

Ekspert Edukacji Zdrowotnej
Ewaluator Projektów Zdrowotnych

mgr Urszula Szybowicz

Polska Federacja Szpitali

Ligia Kornowska

Izabella Murawska-Deneau

Lek. Patryk Poniewierza, EMBA

mgr Tomasz Misztal

Dr Tomasz Tatara

Agencja Oceny Technologii Medycznych i Taryfikacji

Prof. Gerhard Eller

Prof. Gerhard Eller

Prof. Dr. med. Ivan Kellermann

Prof. Dr. med. Ivan Kellermann

Prof. Thomas H. Egginger, MBA

Prof. Thomas H. Egginger, MBA

Prof. Dr. Carsten Matuschek, M.Sc., Ph.D., Ztm

Prof. Dr. Carsten Matuschek, M.Sc., Ph.D., Ztm

Hon. Prof. Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Norman Uhlmann, M.Eng. M.A.

Hon. Prof. PhDr. Sven-David Müller, M.Sc.

Program studiów

  1. Strategic management

  • Principles of management at the level of the European Union and local government
  • Strategic management in public administration
  • Legal conditions for management at the level of the European Union and at the governmental level
  1. Corporate governance
  • Deepened understanding of corporate governance as the art of shaping internal company regulations
  • The tripartite division of corporate power –
    how to prevent the inflation of law?
  1. Project management
  • „Thinking Tools” – strategic diagnosis tools in uncertain times
  1. Talent management and HR
  • Lean Management methodology in healthcare
  • Leader and boss in the modern world


  1. Business ethics and CSR
  1. Economics and finances
  • Public finances
  • Accounting and budget reporting
  • Circulation and control of financial and accounting documents
  • VAT in the public sector
  1. Business law (EU, constitutional, administrative, tax, labour, economic)
  1. Business etiquette and savoir vivre
  2. Special lectures
program collegium humanum


  • a certificate of completion of postgraduate studies (in accordance with Article 164 of the Act of 20 July 2018 – the Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws, item 1668) and the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 12 September 2018 regarding documents issued in relation to the course or completion of postgraduate studies and specialist education (Journal of Laws, item 1791)
  • diploma with the accreditation of Apsley Business School in London (UK)


Number of payments Amount of payment
1 annual payment
11400,00 zł
2 semi-annual payments
5900,00 zł
4 quarterly payments
3100,00 zł


Students interested in receiving an INVOICE are asked to send the necessary information and confirmation of payment to the following e-mail address:



Postgraduate Studies Office


Prof. Assoc. Prof. Hans Schön, MD, PhD, MSc, MA, EUR ING

Studies in Political Science and Philosophy, Doctorate in Human Biology (Anthropology), Doctorate in Human Medicine, Venia Legendi, Associate Professor for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics, Medical University of Vienna, Specialist in Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics, Doctor of General Medicine, Diplom-HTL Engineer for Technical Chemistry NQF 7, European Engineer (EUR ING) European Federation of National Engineering Associations”, Brussels, Master of Science in Geriatrics and Master of Arts in Criminal Law, Economic Criminal Law, Criminology, Univ. Lektor and scientific director of the master studies “Clinical Nutritional Medicine”, “Nutrition and Sport”, Danube University Krems, qualification title engineer, certification NQF 6. Institute director of the “Private Institute for Adult Education in the fields of Economy, Law and Health” (BioIng GmbH). Generally sworn and judicially certified expert, Regional Court Krems, Austria

Prof. Prof.h.c. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Henry Mark

Henry Mark is Professor and Dean of the Department of Traditional Medicine at the University of Venlo, the Netherlands. He specializes in Chinese medicine and health management. He teaches as a professor of psychology at the State University of Human Sciences. He is a visiting professor at many foreign universities, including Yerevan University of Traditional Medicine and Arabaev University in Kyrgyzstan. He is a permanent advisor to the Kyrgyz Minister of Health. He is also President of HTC Consulting Group, Inc. in the USA. He holds Doctor honoris causa degrees from International University IUK; State University of Humanities BHU; State University KSU; Eurasia International University Yerevan. He is Honorary Dean at Progress University of Gyumri and Senator E.h. at Mashtots University.

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. scient. med. Dr. phil. Dr. iur. Dipl.-Krim. Sebastian Schildbach

Sebastian Schildbach has extensive experience in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and insurance medicine. In his practice for psychosomatic medicine in Switzerland, he establishes inner access to the psyche even in difficult cases. Sebastian is an international expert in forensic psychiatry with numerous publications and forensic profiling assignments. He completed the curriculum “Medical leadership in health care” from the German Medical Association.