Agreement between Collegium Humanum and the Commune of Wyszków

On 9 November this year, in Wyszków, His Magnificence prof. dr. hab. Paweł Czarnecki, MBA, DBA, LL.M, dr. h.c. – Provost of Collegium Humanum and Mayor of Wyszków – Mr Grzegorz Nowosielski, signed a cooperation agreement between the commune and the University. Collegium Humanum has thus joined the group of universities that are partners of the Wyszków Commune.


The scope of cooperation between Collegium Humanum and the Commune of Wyszków includes: organization of meetings, lectures, workshops and  conferences, promotion of science, organization of courses, trainings, competitions, workshops promoting modern technical solutions and innovation, cooperation in the organization of the annual educational event taking place in Wyszków – Wyszków Science Day. The cooperation also covers joint research projects and scientific publications, cooperation in the organization of student and graduate internships, setting the subjects of student diploma theses as well as conducting research and scientific work on topics of interest to both parties.


The aim of the cooperation between Collegium Humanum and the Commune of Wyszków is also to popularize knowledge and take actions to disseminate it, building intellectual and social capital of Wyszków, including supporting the development of local entrepreneurship, professional development and raising qualifications, skills and the level of education among the commune inhabitants.


We would like to thank Mr Przemysław Cichocki, MBA, DBA – Member of the Collegium Humanum Business Consultative Council, Member of the Board of the Legionowo County and the Advisor of the Association of Polish Cities, who initiated the signing of the agreement.