Collegium Humanum w Business Graduates Association & Association of MBA’s w Londynie

Collegium Humanum has become a member of the prestigious British Association of AMBA’s & BGA (Business Graduates Association), which is based in London, UK. AMBA & BGA has been operating since 1967 and is the most known institution in the world awarding international accreditations to universities running MBA (Master of Business Administration) programmes. The AMBA accreditation awarded by the Association of MBAs & BGA is the most prestigious accreditation for MBA and Executive MBA postgraduate programmes.


The Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Collegium Humanum is aiming to achieve accreditation with AMBA & BGA as the school undergoes rigorous continuous improvement through its BGA membership. By working to achieve high standards of teaching, we ensure we can give our students the opportunity to acquire knowledge, based on a prestigious system of managerial competence and to obtain a diploma of a recognised, international rank.


Membership of Collegium Humanum in the Association of AMBA’s & BGA allows our current MBA students to access their global network and it also allows them to benefit from a range of services, including AMBA’s & BGA’s Career Development Centre, discount offers as well as access to events and webinars.